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The BOB download shop won’t be open when you first visit this site, but it will be opening quite soon.

Some of you will know that the band made quite a lot of 8-track recordings between 1985 and 1994 – somewhere between 200 and 250 distinct recordings, in fact. Many of those recordings were of songs that will be familiar to you because they were subsequently re-recorded in a ‘proper’ studio and released as records. (Some of those demo recordings are of real merit, in my opinion. Sometimes the ‘writing demo’ or first band demo of a song had a freshness and immediacy that was slightly lost in the ‘proper’ recording.)

The recordings we have been focusing on mixing over the past couple of years are the demos of songs that were never released on a record or a session, so are essentially unknown to the rest of the world. A selection of some of the best of these appear on the new album, You Can Stop That For A Start. There are plenty more to come.

As well as all of the above, there are about a dozen covers, a handful of complete turkeys, and a professional multitrack live recording made in Berlin in the early 90s, when the band was on fast and furious form.

It may be that we decide that there is another batch of recordings worthy of a proper physical release, but it is more likely that we will now start releasing the recordings in our archive on this page for people to pay a modest amount for and download straight to their collections.

We hope this is of interest and will, of course, keep you posted…

Richard von BOB


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