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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish

1989 (Cassette)
Two Pint Take Home Fanzine No.3 (T.P.T. 001)
Copies unknown

Includes: The Popguns / Mega City Four / Talulah Gosh! / Telescopes / Teddy Bear Huggers / Fat Tulips / Thrilled Skinny / Nine Steps To Ugly / Pleasure Heads / BOB / The Sainsburys / The Popguns / Po!

Side B, Track 3: Kirsty (Demo)
This is a lovely full band demo recorded in Banwell with a cheeky little guitar intro that didn’t make either the session or the single versions, but probably should have.

Featuring: Simon Armstrong Richard Blackborow, Jem Morris & Gary Connors

Recorded in Banwell, 1986

Produced by BOB