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The complete recorded works of BOB have been decomposing steadily for beween 20 and 30 years, depending on the vintage, in the House Of Teeth archive. This large collection of multi-track analogue tape recordings has recently been miraculously transformed into a small, neat metal box stuffed full of (mainly) sparkling 24-bit digital 'stems'. This is good.

We are currently engaged in a (frankly) ridiculous project to remix all of the recordings in the archive. The very best of the unreleased BOB recordings will (hopefully) appear as part of a 2CD set planned for next year. The release should also include the complete BOB singles and EPs, all in remastered form, with a number also appearing in remixed form. (This is all good, too, except that the 2" multi-track session tape for the Stride Up EP is unnaccountably missing. If anyone happens to know the whereabouts...).

Other artists in the H.O.T. archive include: unaccountably long-forgotten prog rockers Naked Lunch, cult indie pop sensations The Siddeleys, Torquil Macleod's marvellously moody Reserve and the almost frightening The Dangerous Brothers, featuring a young Mojo editor-in-chief Phil Alexander on lead guitar.
Richard von BOB in the demo studio, Banwell

Richard in the Banwell 8-track studio, c.1991
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